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To be a woman, among women...

Start, in my company, a trip punctuated with stops in
Your Temple of Femininity.

A woman must be able to allow herself to concentrate entirely on herself.
She must be able to allow herself to live bodily experiences of feeling and letting go to get in touch with her deep feminine nature...
To flourish physically, mentally and sexually in a space of benevolence and respect where consent is Master.

You are the Goddess of Your Temple… Discover yourself, and awaken your being!

I travel to your home or to your hotel (at your expense and minimum 3 stars) in Morbihan and neighboring departments.
I do not get.
Make sure you have read carefully
my conditionsbefore any contact.

The stopovers of Damoiselle Jade


Sensual Massage
Voluptuous stopover to gently awaken your sensuality and open the door to Your Temple.
Whole body massage, with oil and inspired by Californian massage and Tantric philosophy, with light effleurage of the erogenous zones (breasts, Yoni).

I will be dressed, in lingerie or naked, as you wish.

Tantric Yoni massage
Ultra-sensory and sensual stopover to awaken your sexual energy.
The Yoni massage is a full body experience that includes touching and massaging the whole body and stimulating external and internal (inside the vagina) erogenous zones (breasts, Yoni).
The goal of this massage technique is to allow women to (re)find consciousness and the full power of their being, to release traumatic memories and finally access pleasure by developing a fulfilling, joyful, liberated sexuality._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I will be dressed or naked, as you wish.


Between Women
Escale Charnelle in the feminine.
Sensuality, cascading orgasms, liberation of bodies and minds...

What if love between women was a source of incredible pleasure?
A woman with a woman, for a lascivious parenthesis in a cocoon of softness.
I am smiling, warm, spontaneous and I like to chat a lot!

Shy people are therefore welcome, I can put you at ease easily.
Sensual or tantric massage not compulsory, but strongly recommended!

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