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My Terms

On this page, you will find everything you need to know, and maybe a little more, before proposing to me
an encounter.

First of all... Know that I carefully choose my partners.
You don't have to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie,
I attach more importance to charm, feeling and presentation.
Because I have at heart to spend, in your company, a privileged moment, pleasant for you and me. 

Please be respectful of me and my instructions. 
So read them carefully.

If, however, they don't suit you, that's okay.
Do not contact me!

Working hours :

  • Monday Tuesday; Thursday and Friday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Saturday: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

I NEVER work on Wednesday and Sunday

Basics for a successful first contact:

  • Contact only via the Telegram

  • No call, I only answer if a telephone appointment has been agreed.

  • Please send me your first name, age, location and a recent photo (with face uncovered, without mask, sunglasses or headgear) during the first contact. Without this information, I would not answer you.

  • Remember to tell me the service you are interested in, the city (and the district), the exact dates and times where you want to meet me.

  • Obligatory respect and courtesy

Predictions of a successful meeting:



  • The payment for my service must be given at the start of the meeting IN CASH, in an open envelope, without my having to ask for it.

  • For any trip of more than 1 hour drive (from my place to the place of our meeting), our meeting will last a minimum of 2 hours. Non-negotiable.

  • I travel to your home or to your hotel (at your expense and minimum 3 stars) in Morbihan and neighboring departments. Maximum 1h30 from Malestroit – Dept. 56 (sector where I live).


  • No meetings outside (car, truck, motorhome or any other unusual place)

  • Mandatory protected relations. No exceptions possible. Condoms provided.

  • Impeccable hygiene and health! I would ask you to take a shower and pay particular attention to your personal hygiene (front AND back) before our meeting. Poor hygiene on your part is a reason for stopping our meeting, without possible refund.

  • If I feel you are under the influence of alcohol/drugs to the point where it makes me uncomfortable, or if you make me feel uncomfortable for any reason, I reserve the right to cancel and leave. You will not be refunded.

  • The planning of our meeting will be validated only after you have given me your exact address as well as all the indications to arrive at your door.

If you wish to receive me in a building, I must be able to reach the door of your apartment by my own means. Asking me to wait for you to come and open the door of the building for me to access your accommodation, don't even think about it!

  • For any scheduled meeting, confirmation is mandatory the evening before before 9 p.m. Otherwise I will not move.

  • A meeting at the hotel? Mandatory additional confirmation with screenshot of the reservation (last name hidden possible) no later than 4 hours before the meeting.

You still have questions, here are certainly some answers…

“Can I practice the sexual act several times during the meeting? »

Yes. It is the duration of our meeting that is limited, not the pleasure! 

I like human encounters, sharing. And the most important thing, for me, is that we have a good time together. Restricting your hedonism would make no sense to me…

“Do you share photos? »

I share 2 photos maximum, with an uncovered face. Only if our first contact complies with my basic conditions.

“Why are you taking so long to answer? »

Like everyone else, I have a life outside of my professional activities. A very full life!
I reply to messages, when I'm at home and I have no personal obligation, in chronological order of arrival (except for planned and imminent meetings, to settle the last "logistical" details, of course).
Which means you don't need to send me multiple messages to get my attention quickly. This will delay my response. Because each new message from you will put you back at the back of the pack… 
I would add that I receive 10 messages in less than an hour asking me “Are you available? or "Hi, are you there?" » has the gift of seriously annoying me… So, I strongly recommend that you avoid it.
And don't worry, I answer everyone. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

“Are you available right now? »

First, I invite you to re-read the previous paragraph!
Then, it is very rare that I am available the same day or the day before for the next day. The ideal is to contact me, at least, between 3 days and 1 week in advance. 

“I've been writing to you for a while but you're never free, why? »

I know there are many people who never get to meet me. And I'm sincerely sorry about that. 
I move over a fairly large area, it requires a minimum of organization. In real life… minister's logistics! Except that he has a plethora of secretaries and assistants, not me.
Indeed, to prevent myself from becoming a zombie worn out by the time spent on the road, I make sure to pool my trips. By this I mean that, in the same day, I will not travel to Rennes and Lorient or Nantes and St Brieuc...

This is why I invite you to contact me, at least, between 3 days and 1 week in advance.

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