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Dear Couples

Want to spice up your life as a couple? 

True fulfilled and assumed bisexual libertine, I like to meet you. 
I like to see you discover each other and develop each other, in a cocoon of respect and kindness.

Worshiper of your fantasies, my best experiences with couples occur when all parties are comfortable participating in this beautiful epicurean and carnal parenthesis. 

I travel to your home or to your hotel (at your expense and minimum 3 stars) in Morbihan and neighboring departments.
I do not get.
Make sure you have read carefully
my conditionsbefore any contact.

If you want a 3-way meeting, in my company,  it is imperative that this part be read by everyone. 

A single watchword: the free and informed consent of each


If I ever find that your companion has not read my site and especially this page, and that she is not aware of my operation, know that I will not accept any meeting with you.

And if, in the worst case, I see that your companion is not super cheerful, that she forces herself to please you, know that I will remain dressed and that no reconciliation can take place.

And, by the way, you risk paying me just to watch us drink a glass of wine while chatting (personally I don't mind but I doubt it's the evening you imagined).

But I know very well how distressing it can be, especially for you Madam, to introduce a third person into the couple. 

I therefore want to tell you a little about my conditions in order to reassure you.

First of all, I systematically refuse "surprises". 
By this I mean that I will only meet you if Madame has agreed to ask me to make your fantasy come true.

Unless you are swingers and threesomes are one of the practices you like to indulge in.

Because, let's be clear, this fantasy must be shared by the two people who make up your couple... 
Not just be the fruit of your male desire!

It is therefore out of the question that I find myself in a situation where the consent is not there at 100%.

It's not negotiable.


For this, gentlemen, I would also like to be able to communicate with your companion in order to discuss the place she wishes to give me during this meeting:

  • Am I here only for the pleasure of Madame?

Where can I have fun with you two?

  • Am I allowed to kiss you?

To kiss your spouse?

  • Are there practices that you reserve for your privacy and that you do not want to share with me?

  • What are your two taboos?

  • Would you like Damoiselle Jade to put on her Mistress Denna costume, to subdue one of you? Or both?

However, I would like to reassure you on one point. 

Nothing is written in advance and what we agree on can totally evolve.

You may have desires when making an appointment that will no longer be the same at the time of the meeting.

For example, you can tell me before the meeting that Monsieur will not have the right to touch me. Then decide, along the way, that he has the right to kiss me or caress me. And vice versa of course!

You can tell me I'm here for both of you, then finally want me for you alone!

You can also prefer to be only a voyeur and let me take care of your spouse.

You may not feel comfortable and stop the meeting.

You may prefer to spend the date having drinks, laughing and not cuddling.

You decide, I will respect your desires and your limits. 
So do not hesitate, at any time, to be sincere with me.

I can also call on my 100% hetero male accomplice, if you want to go further in your exploration of licentiousness.

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